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  • Dawn's Knitting Notebook with pages of pictures of some of her knitting designs and projects, plus free patterns of some of her designs to share.

  • Information on Dawn's line of knitting patterns for sale at Dawn's Dream Designs.

  • Dawn's Spinning Page shows a bit about her other fiber art passion.

  • Knitting Class Info! For Dawn's classes held at Hobby Lobby in Crystal Lake, IL.


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A few pictures from the past of family and friends we'd like to share.

Dawn (on left) with her best "KnitBuddy", Barbara, (on right) during August, 2002 trip together when we first "met" each other after over 3 years of online friendship, at a yarn shop stop at the Knitter's Underground II in PA.

Bart and Barbara with our family at our visit to Niagara Falls, NY.  Barbara was a wonderful tour guide, having grown up and worked there in her youth!

August, 2002

Evan holding his first finished knitting project, a mini pillow

April, 2002

Dawn next to her "Little Shell Lace" socks and their two blue ribbons at the Wisconsin State Fair

August, 2001

All of us at Spearfish, SD, for the National Impala Association's 20th Annual Convention

July, 2000


Our family on our first roller coaster ride together at the Mall of America

August, 1999


Brad with his 1962 Impala, winner of First Place People's Choice Award at the NIA Regional Convention!

June, 1999























































































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