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Double Layer Sockyarn Hat

by Dawn Adcock



Sockyarn: Two 50 gr skeins, (or leftovers from approx 2-3 pairs of medium adult socks-amount will vary depending on size of socks originally knit, etc…..)

Size 2 US 16” circular needle

Size 2 US double pointed needles

Gauge:  7 sts = 1”

Size: Adult medium, aprox 21” circumference, for a snug, close fitting hat.



Using a provisional cast on to keep the beginning stitches live, on circular needle cast on 148 sts.  Join in a round, being careful not to twist sts.  Place marker for beg of round.



Knit 1, Purl 1 rib for about 3”, or twice the length of ribbing for one side that you desire. 


Main Body:

Stockinette Stitch (knit every round) for about 3", or more for a deeper/taller hat.


Begin Dec Rounds: (switch to doublepoint needles when there are too few sts to go around the circular needle):

*Double Dec (slip 2 sts tog as if to knit, Knit 1, pass 2 slipped sts over), knit 34* rep between ** around, forming 4 sections for top decreases, (8 sts decreased).

Knit 2 rounds plain

Continue to do Dec Round every 3rd round, but having 2 less sts between decs after each dec round, until 116 sts are left. (See Hint #2 below)
Then do Dec Round EVERY OTHER round (Dec on a round, then knit one round plain) until 36 sts are left.

Then do Dec Round EVERY round until 4 sts are left.

Draw end through last 4 sts and weave in end on wrong side.

This will make a slightly rounded, naturally shaped hat.


Make second side/layer:
Go back to beginning and pickup live sts from provisional cast on, from the right side (outside facing out again). If you have one less st due to picking up and knitting in the opposite direction, increase one st on first round to make 148 sts.

Beginning with the main body section (Stockinette St), Knit another side the same as first, all the way through the final top decreases and finishing.



1) Be sure to finish off all ends and weave them in before you do the decreasing on the second side, or else you won't be able to get to the inside to do it after you finish! 

2) To make your decreases line up in a straight line, mark the center st of each dec on the first dec round, which will be the second of the two sts slipped together.  On next dec rounds make sure that the marked st is the second of the slipped sts again.  You will be slipping the st just before the marked st along with the marked st, then knitting one st, and passing the first two sts over it.


To wear:

Tuck one end of hat inside the other end, and wear it with either side out.  It’s fun to make the sides in different colors, or one solid and one with wild stripes, for more versatility for different looks from the same hat.


© 2002 by Dawn Adcock. You may copy and share this pattern for personal, non-commercial use, as long as this copyright notice remains intact. Please do not post to the internet, include on a website, or republish without prior permission.  E-mail: dawn@3gcs.com


To view a German translation of this pattern, please visit Michaela's blog!

Thanks Michaela!