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Just a few of my knitting projects.  Not all of them, just the ones I've remembered to take pictures of.

Click on the small picture to see a larger version, and use the BACK button on your browser to come back to this page. 

3/09 Lace Ribbon Scarf, designed by Veronik Avery, knit in Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette yarn (4 skeins), size 3 US needles.  Blocked out beautifully, after being a curling scrunched up tube on the needles. Very dressy and soft. Easy to memorize lace pattern, easy to “read” your knitting as you work. I didn’t refer to the chart again after doing the first repeat.

2/09 Another version of my design Double Layer Sockyarn Hat, a finer gauge sockyarn hat in thinner vintage fingering weight yarn, with a stitch count of 140 instead of 120, like my original pattern calls for. Used vintage Bear Brand Nylon-N-Wool fingering weight 3 ply wool/nylon blend. Ribbing was done on the size 2 needles, but I switched to size 1 for the top body of the hat layers when I realized how much finer the yarn was and how the fabric needed to be tightened up to make a decently warm hat. Also did the ribbing edge differently, this time I knit just the single depth of the ribbing in the first color, then I picked up along the cast on edge with the second color and knit the other depth of ribbing, instead of working them both with the same single color. Just messing around with my original pattern idea, trying different options.
12/08 Special pair of mittens, my own design, knit for my mother after she suffered a stroke. Her left hand is paralyzed, so I knit this pair with the left mitten thumbless so that she can get it on and off easier. The right mitten is a normal mitten with a thumb. I made a rolled edge on the bottom under the ribbing to make it easier to grab the edge to get them on and off (especially for the person who is helping her to be able to quickly find the edge to grab). Knit with Stahl Wolle Hochland Soft Tweed, size 4 US needles. 
12/08 One Row Lace Scarf, designed by Turvid.  I needed a quick knit gift for my sister-in-law Julie for Christmas. She lives in Phoenix, and wanted a decorative scarf. 3 days of knitting on and off, and it was done. Easy! Knit with Knitpicks Shadow lace merino wool yarn, 1 skein, color "pumpkin" orange tweed, size 9 US needles.  Sorry, didn't get a picture of it finished before giving away, just imagine it longer and off the needles!
11/08 Scalloped Lace Cardigan.  Cestari Wool, cranberry color.  Body knit in one piece, sleeves knit in the round and set-in. Buttons knit into band (no sewing!). 

5/08 Shoulder Wrap Shawl, knit with the leftover yarn from larger shawl, (below-Henry's Attic Pony fingering weight wool, handyed by me).  Shaped with alternating triangular short row sections and rectangular non-short row sections to create a gentle curving shape to wrap around and  hug the shoulders, with more hug on top, and more ease for movement at the bottom.  With the front ribbed ties and the gently curved elongated shaping, it's really a cross between a stole and a shawl.  Size 8 needles with this lace weight wool yarn created a drapey, lightweight fabric. 
12/07 Short Row Shawl, knit in Henry's Attic Pony fingering weight wool, handyed by me in a microwave dying class at Stitches Midwest by Merike Saarniit.  Size 8 needle for a loose and drapey gauge with the fingering weight yarn.  Required only about half of the 8 oz/1750 yard skein. 
12/07 V-Neck vest, my own design, knit with Artful Yarn's Legends wool boucle yarn (same as pullover, below).  Knit bottom up in one piece, sides have moderate hourglass shaping to provide better fit to a bulky vest, with EZ's "phony seams" on sides to create defined side edges.
  10/07 V-Neck pullover, my own design, knit with Artful Yarn's Legends wool boucle yarn.  Knit bottom up in one piece, sleeves picked up and work down to cuffs, using short-rows for sleeve cap shaping.  Sides have moderate hourglass shaping to provide better fit to a bulky sweater, with EZ's "phony seams" on sides to create defined side edges.  Very soft and snuggly warm, a great sweater for tossing on when the weather turns cold. 
8/07 Tablet computer writing glove.  Knit for my son to use on his new tablet computer when he found the side of his hand sticking to the screen when writing.  I used a microfiber yarn  (Nashua June), since the computer came with a microfiber cleaning cloth for the screen, this way I know the glove will not scratch the screen, and will also clean it as he writes.  Pattern is a smaller version of my Twin Rib Fingerless Mittens.
7/07 Little Shell Stitch Cotton T-Top, my own design using my favorite simple lace stitch (the background on my pages). Knit with Plymouth's Jean-nee yarn, cotton /acrylic blend, and size 7 US needles.  Bottom begins with scalloped trimmed garter edge (like my Garter Shell Lace Wimple), then the Little Shell Lace is use throughout.  Shoulders shaped with short rows, and short cap T-sleeves are knit on as part of the body using increases at the underarm sides of the body. 
6/07 Chevron Summer top, my own design. Knit with Sirdar Tropicana cotton-look acrylic yarn.  The same chevron stitch is used throughout, but with a bit of increase variations the look was easily changed from lacy on the bottom, to less lacy at the waistline, then no lace on the upper body, but lace again on the sleeves (same as sleeveless shell below, date 5/03) .  Modified drop shoulder sleeves worked top town.  Knit as a birthday and Mother's Day gift for my mom, modeling for the second photo. 
4/07 Ribwarmer Vest, my adaptation of of Elizabeth Zimmermann's design, knit with Brown Sheep Hanpaint Originals wool/mohair yarn (English Garden colorway), 6 skeins. My version is longer, with the front shoulders starting narrower and increases  worked slowly down the armhole opening side for a more tapered natural fitting vest.  Back is worked in one piece after sides are joined together.  Also sized up to a size 40 width with wider front halves and longer side sections. 
4/07 My "Adstein" Coat, knit in Lopi wool.  My coat with revisions to what began as an Einstein Coat (from the Knit Stitch book by Sally Melville). I reworked everything from the waist up with the following modifications: mitered front and back side sections with well defined set-in sleeves, underarm gussets, sleeves shaped with decreases along top of sleeve line, and lowered front neckline and collar. The front and back sections were worked with mitered sections to have both vertical and horizontal ridges and the line of decreases to help hold the upper sections and counteract the stretching out of the garter ridges that can easily occur when they are done in all horizontal ridges. The set-in sleeves were worked to create less bulk at the underarms and bring the shoulder line up towards my natural shoulder size, instead of way down my arm as happens with a standard drop sleeve shaping. The front neckline was lowered for more openness and comfort.
  4/07 More detailed photos of my "Adstein" coat to see the adaptations of my design version.
2/07 Felted Slipper Socks, after fulling.  These shrunk to about 1/3rd of their original size, amazing!  Caron's Felt-It yarn (which is more of an unspun pencil roving than yarn), on size 10 (US) needles.  Pattern is my simple off the top of my head sock design, done in large gauge to allow for fulling.  These are now nice and warm and toasty!

2/07 Felted Slipper Socks, before fulling.  For size reference, this is my big 17 year old son with a size 11 foot modeling the first of the pair!  Also notice how many "stripes" on the sofa they covered before shrinking, and how many after, shown above. 


1/07 Felted Bucket Bag, my own design knit "off the top of my head".  Knit with 5 skeins of Caron's Felt-It 100% wool "yarn", that is really more like pencil roving, so it felted to a dense fabric very easily!  Knit loosely with size 10.5 US needles.  Started at the bottom center and increased outward for the bottom circle, then knit upwards as a tube.  The handles were knit in stockinette stitch with a 3 stitch I-cord attached on each side edge for extra stability to prevent any stretching.  One handle is knit longer to loop through the shorter handle for carrying as a pouch.

1/07 Felted Bucket Bag, above, before fulling in the washing machine.  The set of double point needles above the bag are 8" long, to show some size comparison.  Notice the same needles in the first picture above to see just how drastically this bag changed when fulled!
1/07 Two Chemo hats knit with simple roll brims and gathered tops.  Knit with Yarn Bee eyelash style yarn (house brand yarn for Hobby Lobby craft stores, where I teach knitting classes).  For donation to my knitting guild charity project for local hospitals' cancer patients.
12/06 Wavy Rib Notched Neck spring/fall sweater, my own design.  Second knitting of this design, (original shown below under 4/04 entry), to refine a few small details, like adding short rows to raise the back neck and create a better fit in the front V-neck opening.  Knit from the top down, one piece, no seams (but a phony side seam, ala EZ's method, for crisper side shaping), and no finishing!  This version knit with Fibre Nobili's Merino Superfine, 100% Merino wool, sport weight, in a deep true green color.  This pattern is in now in the writing phase to add to my patterns for salePlease stay tuned for it's release. If you are interested in the design, please email me to be notified when it's ready.
12/06 Simple garter baby hat, like one below under 11/04, knit in a long strip and sewn along cast on/bind off edges, then one open end sewn across and side points folded down to center and secured.  Knit with Sirdar DK nylon/acrylic yarn, size 5 (US) needles.   
12/06 Two Chemo hats and two baby hats, all knit with simple roll brims and gathered tops.  For donation to my knitting guild.
08/06 Lace Rib Cotton Flake textured summer top, my own design.  Worked in the round from the bottom up, seamless, starting with a simple rib with alternating eyelettes.  Ribbing changes to reverse stockinette for the upper body and sleeves to show off the texture of the cotton slub yarn.  Set in sleeves were picked up and knit downwards, using short rows for shaping the sleeve cap, and a bit of the lace rib on their edges.  No seams or sewing! Knit from a cone of Cotton Flake (with lycra) yarn from Webs, on size 4 US needles.
8/06 Close up of ribbing on Lace Rib Cotton Flake top, above.
8/06 My Sweet and Simple Swaddling Blanket design, this one knit with sage green heathered Plymouth Encore wool/acrylic blend yarn.  This is one of the many of these baby blanket buntings that I have knit.  This one was for our soon to arrive great-niece or nephew! 

Pattern available at my design site: Dawn's Dream Designs

5/06 My Sweet and Simple Swaddling Blanket design, this one knit with pink heathered Plymouth Encore wool/acrylic blend yarn.  Knit for our soon to arrive great-niece! 

Pattern available at my design site: Dawn's Dream Designs

5/06 Hidden Heart Nightie, my design, knit in TLC Amore yarn for a soft, snuggly nightgown.  Front tie panels cover an inset panel that reveals a lace heart beneath.  Adjustable straps tie along the back and adjust the width to fit. 

Pattern now available!  Please visit Dawn's Dream Designs for ordering information.

5/06 Hidden Heart Nightie, above, showing inner hidden heart panel.  The separate inner panel also provides nice front side slits for a unique nightie!

Pattern now available!  Please visit Dawn's Dream Designs for ordering information.

5/06 My Softly Scalloped Nightie design, this version knit with currently available yarns: Lion Brand White Frost WoolEase and Bernat Boa yarn.  The skirt is done in a simple scalloping lace stitch to create the curvy bottom edge.  Eyelets are at waistline for lacing a shaping tie around middle.  The simple knit top with the eyelash yarn makes this nightgown easy to knit,  but sophisticated looking.  Very soft and comfy to wear, too!

Pattern available at my design site: Dawn's Dream Designs

5/06 Fulled (felted fabric) Bible book cover, made from two "abused" thrift shop sweaters that I first put through a few machine wash cycles, and then cut and sewed into the cover.  The deep solid burgundy is 100% wool, and the edging is cut from an armhole band from a sweater labeled wool/mohair/angora, nice and soft and fuzzy.  Made as a mother's day gift for my mom.
2/06 Felted Moebius cat bed.  Vintage wool, cream and pink, double stranded.  The top edge is knit in a moebius strip in Cat Bordhi style, but my cat, Cookie, keeps smushing it when she flops down to sleep, so it's hard to see the twist of the moebius edge.
2/06 Frills on the Side Scarf, my original design for my beginner knitting class students, to give them a project to practice lots of knit stitches, and repeatedly casting off and on again to make the side fringes.  Knit with 2 skeins of Lion Brand Wool Prints yarn, on size 8 needles.  6" wide by 64" long, approx.  Pattern now posted on my Free Patterns page!
2/06 Blue v-neck fitted vest with side slits, bordered with seed stitch and ribbing bands.  Knit in one piece, with phony side seems (EZ's unvention that I always use) for side definition.  Wonderfully soft yarn, Softie worsted weight - 25% Angora / 75% Merino, by Kimmet Croft Fibers, purchased from Jan at Stitches Midwest.  Lovely pettable yarn, deep nearly-solid color (like kettle dyed, hard to see in the photo) with lots of visual interest, and highly recommended, like all of her yarns!
2/06 Another pair of fingerless mittens, the same as below, but in a red handdyed colorway of Koigu Kersti yarn.  The hand is also a few rows longer on this pair.
2/06 Another pair of fingerless mittens, only this pair knit in a 3X1 ribbing instead of twin ribbing, like my pattern, below.  I changed to a simple ribbing to highlight the colors of the Koigu Kersti yarn, that I found oddball skeins of in a clearance bin. The purls of the twin ribbing were too distracting with all the wonderful colors of the yarn, as is often the case with handpainted yarns.  40 sts around, with size 6 US needles.  Fun yarn!   
12/05 Twin Rib Headband, made to match my Twin Rib Fingerless Mittens, below.  Knit with leftovers of the same skein of Cascade 220 wool yarn, on the same size 4 (US) needles, for a quick matching accessory.  Free pattern now available, scroll down to the bottom of the mitten pattern!
12/05 Another pair of my Twin Rib Fingerless Mittens.  Knit with Cascade 220 wool, one skein, and size 4 US dp needles.  This pair knit with shorter thumb option of binding off the thumb gusset stitches, and not doing the separate thumb "tube" above the gusset area, for more open thumb use. This is just one of the six pair I knit in different colors this winter.
12/05 Christmas Advent Snakes!  Created with Barbie Knit Hits machine, stuffing each "section" of the snakes' bodies with candy and little gifts and ornaments, stuffing them and tying the sections as the tube was being knit in the machine.  I left a tongue loop with one end of yarn (can be used for hanging up), then sewed on eyes to complete the Christmas snakes. 

Knit for my friend Beth's 4 children to open one section a day for the twelve days before Christmas, for a little gift and candy to have each day until the "big day" arrives!  They were such a hit last year (see 11/04, below), that I couldn't resist making them again after they were requested.  A great use for cheap holiday colored yarn (but they take more yarn than you'd think, as you see I ran out partway through snake #3, and had to finish with red yarn instead!).

11/05 Garter Shell Lace Wimple (Smoke Ring), my design.  Starts with bottom scalloped garter edge, then a simple shell lace and garter stitch for the main body, that is graduated down for a snugger fit around the head and face when up, and around the neck when worn down. Knit with laceweight merino heathered wool yarn, size 5 (US) needles.  Knit as a thank-you Thanksgiving gift for my sweet Aunt Marian, for having us for dinner for so many, many years now. 

Pattern is now for sale on my pattern site!

11/05 Garter Shell Lace Wimple (Smoke Ring), as above, shown worn down around the neck as a circular scarf, for easy wearing under a coat.

Pattern is now for sale on my pattern site!

9/05 Moebius vest (from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Around book).  Knit with my own handspun yarn of wool/llama blend. Very thick and comfy, and warm! (My handspun yarn is shown here: Spinning Page entry: 7th Handspun 9/04)
9/05 Handknit Watch Band. My design, knit to replace an old leather band.  DMC Gold Metallic floss, size 0000 needles (4-0).  Gold magnetic clasp keeps it on.  Knit from the clasp end up to the watch pin ends, where the pins were then put through the live stitches, and the connection reinforced by stitching the end around the pins, through the end stitches, one more time.  Fits great and makes a comfortable, unique watch.
9/05 Ocean Waves Shell, my design, knit in Lion Brand CottonEase yarn.  Stitch pattern is "Lacy Zigzag", from the first Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches, but converted for knitting in the round.  The lace yarn over increases were also changed just below the bustline to shrink them a bit more than a standard yarn over hole.  I simply knit the running strand untwisted to create a smaller lace increase up top where I wanted less "show-thru".
9/05 Ocean Waves Shell, above, showing the stitch detail.
9/05 "Kate's Cape", my design, based on shaping from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pelerine (see her "Knitting Workshop" book). Knit with Lion Brand Jiffy yarn.  Scalloped bottom edge done with crochet chain loops inserted between groups of bound-off stitches, for an extra dainty touch.  Modeled by it's namesake, 3 year old Kate, lover of all things pink.  (Note: Pink rosette is part of Kate's dress, not the knit cape.)

Pattern will be published in the 2007 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar, by Accord Publishing! And for those who can't wait for the calendar to be released, pattern now available for purchase directly from my site!

9/05 "Kate's Cape", above, back view.
9/05 "Kate's Cape", above, shown on full-sized dress form, to show how nice it also looks as a shawlette for adults!
7/05 Another Shapely Shawlette (my third, with my modifications, like the other ones below from 5/05), knit with Schaeffer Yarn's "Anne" in a blue/black/burgundy/green colorway, a finger gauge yarn than called for in the pattern, on size 8 US needles, measures 19" long down the center back. 
7/05 Felted bag, (before and after pictures), knit double stranded with Knitpicks "Wool of the Andes", two skeins purple & two skeins green, on size 10.5 needles.  Bag shrunk to about half-size when felted, to a nice thick and dense fabric.  Good size for carrying a sock project!
7/05 Short sleeved summer raglan, my design off the top of my head. Knit with ribbon yarn from JoAnn's Crafts, called Catalina, with size 10 needles.  Knit top down, with v-neck bodice in stockinette stitch, sleeves in reverse stockinette stitch, and waist to skirt area transitioned with graduated ribbing into reverse stockinette stitch.  All edges bordered with garter stitch.
6/05 Rectangular shawl knit with Paton's Brilliant glitzy yarn.  A nice draping yarn,  made as a tiny I-cord strand with a shimmering thread woven into the I-cord.  5 skeins used, knit with size 10 needles.  A reversible mock-eyelet cable that is completely reversible.  An expanded/enlarged version of Heartstring Fiberarts "Reversible Lace Cables Scarf", made into shawl size by adding more repeats across center panel, and using thicker yarn (sport instead of fingering/lace), and larger needles.  My end result is a very dressy shawl to wear to an upcoming wedding over a sleeveless dress.
  7/05 Shawl, above, as worn to friend's wedding.
5/05 My second knitting of the Shapely Shawlette, knit with Mountain Colors "Bearfoot", wool/mohair/nylon handdyed yarn.  Knit the same as the one, below.  This version knit with a slightly finger gauge yarn than the pattern calls for, on size 8 US needles, measures 18" long down the center back.  Knit as gift for my mother's 70th birthday gift, in 3 days worth of knitting.
5/05 Shapely Shawlette, above, back view.  While this one looks similar to my first, below, the "Bearfoot" yarn is a bit thicker than the "Anne", and the colors are a little lighter since there isn't any black in this colorway. 
5/05 Shapely Shawlette, knit with Schaefer Yarn's "Anne", wool/mohair/nylon handdyed yarn.  Pattern started with Judy Pascale's Ridged Eyelet pattern, but I made some changes, and this version is closer to her Garter Eyelet style.  My version knit with the much finger gauge yarn, on size 8 US needles, and measures 19" long down the center back. 
5/05 Shapely Shawlette, above, back view.  Modeled by my handy plastic see-thru swimsuit model lady (for those wondering, it's from a swimsuit purchased at Costco Wholesale Club, and it's been coming in handy for photo shoots!) 
5/05 Knit lace bookmark, based on pattern by Sivia Harding, called Parisian Arches.  Knit with crochet cotton (#10 I think, label is missing) and size 2 US needles, blocked and stiffened with starch.  Knit for my mother's Mothers Day gift, very last minute.  A perfect little something for someone who has, this past year or two, discovered her love of reading. 
5/05 Katrina Peplum Raglan.  V-Neck Raglan with puffy eyelet rib, my own design, for between seasons months.  The eyelet rib creates a flattering bit of skirting on the bottom.  Shaped body sides, plus the graduated ribbing leading into the eyelet ribbing on bottom help it to be form fitting, along with the very elastic yarn's help, too.  Knit with peach colored Paton's Katrina yarn. Puff rib on bottom of sweater can be found in Barbara G Walker's "A Treasury of Knitting  Patterns", Volume 1, page 47.


5/05 Close up of sweater detail, above. 

2/05 Julia's Hat, my original design. Knit sideways with short row wedges. Popcorn edges and top fringes are knit on as you go, the only finishing is to sew the cast on to bind off edges.  Knit in variegated yarns for fun striping.  Toddler size hat with Paton's Look at Me sport weight yarn; Baby size hat with Bernat Hot Sox fingering weight yarn.  Look for the pattern in the current 2006 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar, by Accord Publishing, and also available directly for purchase from my site!
12/04 Cable and Moss open turtleneck sweater, my own pattern, adapted from a picture from a catalog that my mother saved.  Knit with Cascade's Lana D'oro wool/alpaca blend in a cream color with flecks of primary colors.  Fully patterned with single cables, double OXO cables, and moss columns. Gift for my mother, below. 
12/04 My mother wearing her Christmas gift, above.  She ripped a 2" picture out of a catalog to show me what type of sweater she wanted, and I custom knit it to her measurements and color/yarn choice.
11/04 Knit Nightie, my own design, using Bernat Boa for the white fluffy top, with a bit of gray Boa for the cast on edge also.  The black skirt bottom is knit with Tammcril's Diamante fingering weight textured yarn, using a lacy feather and fan stitch, producing a nice scalloped bottom edge.  The front has knit-in edge ties, and a size-adjusting tie around the middle.  Simple to knit, and soft to wear, like my white nightie, below (9/04), but a bit "daintier". 
11/04 Christmas Advent Snakes!  Created with Barbie Knit Hits machine, stuffing each "section" of the snakes' bodies with candy and little gifts (hot wheels sized cars, small ornaments, stuffed animals, etc), stuffing them and tying the sections as the tube was being knit in the machine.  They weren't originally going to be snakes, by my son insisted that is what they looked like, so that is what they became!  I left a tongue loop with one end of yarn (can be used for hanging up), then sewed on eyes to complete the Christmas snakes. 

Knit for my friend Beth's 4 children to open one section a day for the twelve days before Christmas, for a little gift and candy to have each day until the "big day" arrives!

  My son Evan "modeling" the snakes, above.  He was the snake "stuffer", while I cranked the machine to knit the snakes.

  Close ups of Advent Snakes.

11/04 Simple garter baby hat, knit in a long strip and sewn along cast on/bind off edges, then one open end sewn across and side points folded down to center and secured.  A garter slipped stitch edge done for neat edge on turned up cuff (with yarn in front, slip first stitch purlwise, bring yarn to back and knit rest of row).  Knit with Encore Colorsplash DK yarn, and size 6 needles at 5 sts = 1".
10/04 Pelerine Shawl (capelette).  My handspun Romney wool yarn, soft and bulky, just right for a warm casual wrap.  Knit per Elizabeth Zimmermann's guidelines in Knitting Workshop, knit from the neck down, and finished with a ruffley bind off (using a crochet hook and inserting an extra chain stitch to bind off between each regular bound off stitch).  Pinned closed at bottom front with vintage pin, but also nice when worn open. 
10/04 Back view of my Pelerine handspun shawl.  I like this length, good for everyday use, not long enough to get in the way while working around the house, and my arms are free.  
9/04 Softly Scalloped Nightie, my own design.  Knit with with Bernat's Boa eyelash yarn (top body, and along bottom skirt edge), and Dazzleaire yarn for the skirt.  The skirt is done in a simple scalloping lace stitch to create the curvy bottom edge.  Eyelets were placed at waistline for lacing a shaping tie around middle.  The simple knit top with the eyelash yarn makes this nightgown easy to knit,  but sophisticated looking.  Very soft and comfy to wear, too! Pattern is now for sale on my site!
9/04 Swirling Sun Hat, designed by Lucy Neatby, pattern found in the 2005 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar, by Accord Publishing (where my Sampler Hat pattern is also found).  Knit with Sugar Babies lighter weight cotton yarn by Lilly (now discontinued), for my friend's daughter, Kate, as a belated birthday gift. 
9/04 Scalloped Waves small throw/large wrap, knit with Bernat's Soft Boucle yarn.  4 edge stitches on each side were unraveled to produce the fringe loops, left uncut at ends because this yarn becomes ratty on the ends easily if cut.  Loops were knotted at edge of body to stabilize them.  Given as a comforting wrap to my best friend Beth, after the sad and too-soon loss of her mother to cancer.
9/04  Dishcloth Vest #2, from Debbie New's inspirational book Unexpected Knitting (HIGHLY  recommended reading for new or experienced knitters!).  Made with leftovers of vest, below, plus the contrast/filler yarn, handyed wool from Ellen's Halfpint Farm, to have enough to knit a second vest for my mother. 
8/04 Dishcloth Vest #1, as above.  Interlacements Merino handyed wool yarn, in an "almost solid" purple, purchased at Stitches Midwest, 2002.  Fun easy pattern to knit.  I added the lacing to tie the lapel closed, laced through the open edges of the yarn over increases from the top to the bottom of the lapel.  Works and fits great!

My mother's vest #2, before sewing

       9/04 My mother and me, wearing our vests, above.
8/04 Bridal shower gifts knit for my niece Jennifer.  Top: Back scrubber and mitt knit appropriately with bridal tulle (see others below under 5/03). Middle: Hand towels with handknit lace edgings; edging from Nicky Epstein's Knitting on the Edge, page 72, Slant Eyelet, with crochet cotton. Bottom: Washcloths knit with Bernat's Cotton Tots soft cotton yarn, with the same green crochet cotton knit along just on the outer stitches of the wedges, for the green "leaves" around the center flowers, to match the lace hand towels. 
4/04 Wavy Rib Notched Neck spring/fall sweater, my own design.  Knit from the top down, one piece, no seams (but a phony side seam, ala EZ's method, for crisper side shaping).  Knit with Baruffa Aerobic, 100% Merino wool, sport weight, in a luscious raspberry color.  I bought 6 balls on clearance, and knit top down to be able to use all the yarn, but not worry about running out.  I did 3/4 length sleeves, then worked the body as far as I could go with the yarn. This pattern is in now in the re-knit and pattern writing phase to add to my patterns for sale.  Please stay tuned for it's release. If you are interested in the design, please email me to be notified when it's ready.
4/04 Close-up of neck design, above. The ribbing panels have columns of decorative YO's with decreases to create the wavy vertical lines, with just a hint of lace. The decorative ribbing begins on the collar, then is continued down the front neck opening edges, and down the front center after the neck is joined to begin working the sweater in the round.  It is then smoothly incorporated into the bottom ribbing.
3/04 My version of the Braids Cardigan. Adaptations on mine include further inset armholes, neckline modifications, some general sizing changes (it's longer than the cropped version, but without side vents), gauge change, and knit-in buttons. Knit with vintage Schaffhauser Pulloverwolle, 100% wool yarn.
3/04 Close up of braided panel, above.
3/04 Headband, knit during my guild's Colorwork Workshop with Therese Chynoweth from Dale of Norway. Knit with vintage Norwegian tapestry wool, and size 3 needles.  Modeled by Popcorn, our "pet" sheep.
2/04 Lovers' Mittens, knit for my husband's Valentine's Day gift.  Of course, these were meant for also sharing with me, so we can go for walks together in the cold winter!  There is one "normal" mitten for each of us (his is black, mine is red), and the funny looking one in the middle has two cuffs, one for each of us to slip our hands into, and then we can hold hands together!  The red heart is duplicate stitched onto joint mitten.  Knit with 100% wool yarn from Philosophers Wool, (one skein each color), size 6 dp needles.  General pattern idea by Jeanne McCanless, from book Homespun, Handknit from Interweave Press, but adapted to my own mitten pattern.
12/03 My original design, the Sweet and Simple Swaddling Blanket. It's a wonderful baby gift that is definitely one of a kind!  It's a hooded baby blanket that also folds up into a bunting, with the ease of large buttonhole for infant car seat belt use! Featured in the Winter 2003/2004 issue of INKnitters MagazineNow available directly for purchase from my site!
1/04 Headband with ear warmer, shaped to fit my head without being too tight and smushing my hair, while still keeping my ears warm!  Knit with Austermann's Smaragd superwash wool for warmth. It looks a bit strange flat, but it does fit and work on my head!
12/03 Some of the scarves I knit as Christmas gifts this year, using novelty eyelash yarns: Bernat Eye Lash Nouveau, Lion Brand Fun Fur, and Bernat Boa. 
12/03 "Seaweed" Garland (crocheted), 17 feet long, originally part of my son's Poseidon costume (Greek god of the sea, hence the need for seaweed) for a school presentation. Shown here after adding some decorative holly "berries", to turn it into a dainty garland for our Christmas tree! After all, I didn't want to just throw it out, and the green yarn blended in quite well with the tree, leaving little bits of holly berries showing!  I choose to crochet it since it was so long that Icord or spool knitting would have taken considerably longer. 
11/03 Beginner Class Hot Pad Sampler Project, my own design as a handy useable swatch that folds closed for a thick hot pad after learning all the basics in my Knitting for Beginners Class. 
11/03  Garter Blended Vest, my own design.  Knit with two different yarns, one a solid burgundy color (merino wool/angora/cashmere from Kimmet Croft), and the other a handyed blue/purple/teal yarn (wool/mohair from Inda Farms).  Simple knit & purl garter combining the two colors to blend them and produce the illusions of vertical striping.  Slipped stitch Icord edges knit on while knitting body in one piece. 
11/03 Close up of collar and armhole edges, showing the slipped stitch Icord edges.  Collar knit in regular garter stripes to showcase the individual yarns in contrast to the body blending of the colors. 
9/03 Baby sweater, knit for Kate's 1st birthday present!  My own design, knit top down and in one piece, with eyelet rows inserted for decoration.  Pattern made up as I knit.  Cascade's Temptations DK yarn. 
8/03 Cotton Cardigan, Panache yarn by Cotton Classics/Spectrum (discontinued), a nubby rough cotton.  A modification of Butterfly Lace, that I think now looks more like clovers.  All lace on the bottom, then panels of lace up the fronts, then all lace on the sleeves.  Concept from pattern by Dawn Brocco, published in Cast On, Summer '98, but not knit per the pattern at all. I did this with garter bands knit on as I went, then on the back back neck I continued knitting the band as I knit it onto the picked up stitches of the back neck.  The sleeves were set in sleeves, picked up around the armholes and knit into the shaping as I knit them down.  Not one stitch was sewn to finish this cardigan, except to sew the buttons on! Buttons from the Button Lady at Stitches Midwest.
8/03 Hot Pocket Felted Slippers, my own design, knit for my guild Knit 'N Share project featured in INKnitters magazine , Winter 2003.  This pair was knit with Lopi wool, and two rows of eyelash novelty yarn added at their cuffs and top of the pockets.  The little pouches get filled with dry rice or grain and then get microwaved to tuck into the slipper pockets for even more warmth! Now available directly for purchase from my site!
8/03 One of the slippers from above, before felting (and before I decided to add the eyelash yarn to the top of the pocket also). 
8/03 Another Hot Pocket Felted Slipper, but a plain "no eyelash" version, as a sample of a normal slipper for the guild project.  Knit with medium brown Lopi wool. Now available directly for purchase from my site!
12/02 Hot Pocket Slippers, Variation #3, same as two pairs, below, after felting. Made in green Lopi for my sister-in-law Laura's gift, to match the green pajamas I also purchased for her.  
12/02 Hot Pocket slippers, Variation #2, same as pink ones, below.  This is the "after felting" picture, with the measurement showing it felted down to a medium/large lady's size at 9 1/2" long.
12/02 Hot Pocket slippers, Variation #2, above, before felting.  Measures 13" long before washing to cause felting, and then turning into thick, cozy slipper, above. 
11/02 Hot Pocket slippers, Variation #1, my own original design.  Knit loosely with Lopi Icelandic wool, then felted in the washing machine.  The pocket on the top of the foot is designed to hold a heat pack insert (either handknit microwave type, or purchased activated charcoal type of "hand warmers"), to keep your feet toasty warm for hours!  I'm making these for several holiday gifts this year.  I also made the pocket inserts to microwave by knitting rectangular pouches and filling them with dried rice after felting.  Now available directly for purchase from my site!
7/03 Bernat Boa Vest, knit off the top of my head as I went along.  Size 10 and 8 (US) needles.  Very fluffy and luxurious feeling, but also very hard to see your stitches!  This yarn is almost identical to the Splash yarn used in the chemo hat below, but less expensive. 
6/03 Chemo Hat, knit with Crystal Palace yarn, Splash, a thick eyelash yarn that is very soft and luxurious.  But for this chemo hat version with this thicker yarn (thicker than Chinchilla), I used size 8 US needles and 44 sts, for a close fitting hat.
6/03 Very simple almost-lacy nightie, that has a main wrap around body that covers a front panel that is sewn in at the spot where the straps are picked up and knit.  Knit with a shiny mercerized cotton for drape and sheen (Omega's Sinfonia cotton yarn, 2 skeins, bought at Hobby Lobby).  Size 13 US needles.
5/03 Two knit bracelets, made with 28 gauge jewelry wire and stone chip beads.  Knit as gifts for a neighbor's 14th birthday.  Same pattern as the purple one I knit, below, in 3/03.
5/03 Summer Chevron Shell, my own design, knit with Sirdar Tropicana cotton-look acrylic yarn.  The same chevron stitch is used throughout, but with a bit of increase variations the look was easily changed from lacy on the bottom, to less lacy at the waistline, then no lace on the upper body. 
5/03 A closer view of the increase variations at the bottom half of the tank, above, to show the effects the changes made while using the same stitch pattern. 
5/03 Two bath scrubbers, appropriately made with nylon bridal tulle (the netting that you buy on 6" tubes, shown displayed under them in the picture), these were made for my sister-in-law to go with her bridal shower gifts.  One is a hand mitt, the other is a flat back scrubber with handles.  Made with size 15 (US) needles.
3/03 My Sure Fit Sampler Hat, a beginner knitter sampler hat that I designed for teaching my Knitting for Beginners classes, and published in the 2005 Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar by Accord Publishing.  It is knit flat or circular, starting with a garter stitch brim, then some stockinette stitch, ribbing, stockinette stitch with a few increases, then seed stitch and then dot stitch on the body, with decreases done in stockinette stitch on the crown.  When the knitting is done, students learn how to sew the seam.  Great for non-beginners too, with a great fit from the hidden ribbing!  Also looks wonderful in color-changing yarns, especially Noro's Kureyon and Silk Garden, or with the sections knit in different solid color bands. Now available directly for purchase from my site!

3/03 Sure Fit Sampler Hat, above, with the brim unfolded to show the stockinette stitch and ribbing hiding underneath! The stockinette stitch after the garter brim provides a natural "fold line", and the hidden ribbing helps give a snug fit.

3/03 Message Center Holder, designed by Joan Hamer, that I knit to use in teaching my beginner knitting class. Thanks Joan!!
3/03 Beaded Knit Wire Bracelet, knit at my Guild's March meeting, from pattern in Cast On, Winter 2002/2003, by Linda Michaluk of Swallow Hill Creations.
1/03 Chinchilla Colors (Berroco) hat, color #5870, Fantasia Mix (1 skein).  My Free Pattern is now posted here!  Basic hat design, garter stitch turned-up brim, stockinette stitch body.  Size 9 US needles, 60 sts.  Made as a "go with everything/stuff in my coat pocket" hat. Very soft. (Which is why I've made others as chemo hats before, see one below, 11/00.)
1/03 Tiny eyelet lace blanket, dark pink worsted wool. Knit as a burial blanket for our dear little gerbil, Brownie.  He spent his last evening with us resting in my lap while I quietly knit his blanket.
12/02 Doll Faroese Shawl, Variation #3, knit with Woolease Sportweight (all three versions I knit of this shawl used just one skein altogether!), and size 7 US needles.  Knit for friend's AG doll for Christmas gift.  Special shaping of increases around neck and shoulders create the unique shaping that stays on by itself!  Pattern free online, by Jackie E-S, at Heartstrings Fiberarts.  I highly recommend knitting this small doll version if you'd like to learn to knit Faroese shaped shawls.  The pattern is well written, and it's fun to try out different versions, plus it uses very little yarn!  (Thanks Jackie!)
12/02 , Doll Faroese Shawl, Variation #3 above, back view, showing the decorative Little Shell Lace panel I inserted in center back panel.  After making the first two shawls with the plain center back panels (see photos below), I was ready to try adding a bit of extra lace for decoration.  This is my favorite of the 3 that I made for gifts. 
12/02 Doll Faroese Shawl, Variation #2, knit with Woolease Sportweight, and size 7 US needles.  Knit for friend's AG doll for Christmas gift.  Special shaping of increases around neck and shoulders create the unique shaping that stays on by itself!  Pattern free online, by Jackie E-S, at Heartstrings Fiberarts.
12/02 , Doll Faroese Shawl, Variation #2 above, back view, showing the decorative eyelets in center lower back panel.
12/02 Doll Faroese Shawl, Variation #1, knit with Woolease Sportweight, and size 7 US needles.  Knit for niece's AG doll for Christmas gift.  Special shaping of increases around neck and shoulders create the unique shaping that stays on by itself!  Pattern free online, by Jackie E-S, at Heartstrings Fiberarts.
12/02 , Doll Faroese Shawl, Variation #1above, back view, showing the solid center back panel.

12/02 Toddler snuggly blanket knit for my nephew Quentin's Christmas gift.  Knit with Woolease (ivory sprinkles), double stranded, in Banded Basket stitch (1st Harmony stitch guide, page 26), a combination of knits/purls like basketweave, but in different proportions.    

12/02 Quentin snuggling with his new blanket (above) after opening it on Christmas Eve.  He snuggled with it all night, so I think it was an appreciated gift, well worth my efforts!
11/02 Bonnet and Booties, knit for my friend Beth's baby daughter, Kate, to be worn for her baptism.  Knit with vintage Bernat Measowspun 50 wool/50 nylon, on size 0 US needles.  Both are my own designs, from adapting another lace stitch, to making both of the patterns. 
More views of the bonnet and booties, above.    Kate sleeping through the "modeling session"!  Her baptism dress (not pictured), matches the color perfectly!
10/02 What is this strange looking thing?!  It's a double layered Regia (sockweight yarn) hat, for 12 year old son Eric, who wanted a thin gauge hat in plain black, but I talked him into letting me make it with double layers, so the it's totally reversible with the second layer knit with Regia black/gray mini-ringle yarn that I had leftover from knitting socks for myself.  I first provisionally cast on the ribbing in black (size 2 US needles), and knit the ribbing for both sides, then I knit the first black layer, doing the decreases in 4 gores, making a snug flat-topped hat (that all the "cool skateboarding" types wear....).  Then I went back to my provisional cast on, picked up the live stitches and knit the other layer in the opposite direction with the striped yarn, doing the shaping the same as the first plain black side.  Now, look at the pictures below!  Free pattern: click here , and to view a German translation of this pattern, please visit Michaela's blog!
As you can see, I ran out of striped yarn at the very top of the striped side, so I finished it with some more of the black, matching the ribbing band nicely.  After finishing, I simply had to tuck one end into the other, to form an inside and outside layer, that he can choose from when he wears it.  The extra layer provides nice warmth and softness, and more versatility!

          Eric modeling his hat.

10/02 Warm winter wool helmet, from EZ's Knitter's Almanac (she calls it a Maltese Fisherman's hat), with a few adaptations:  I shortened the back neck by 4 rows, and did the decreases in knit, not purl, and also did them every row instead of every other row when I'd decreased them by about half, to round off the top more.  Bulky soft merino wool yarn, Banff by Berella, size 10 1/2 (US) needles.  Should keep one of our head/neck/ears warm this winter!
10/02 Sideways knit baby hat, preemie sized (smaller than the one below).  Adaptations made were to add the attached I-cord border on the brim, and a knit stitch turning row at the bottom of the garter stitch brim.   For donation for my guild's charity knitting efforts.
10/02  Sideways knit baby hat, knit for a donation for my guild's charity knitting efforts for the local hospital's newborn nursery.  Vintage donated baby yarn, size 5 needles, 35 stitches short-rowed for 8 "wedges".  Based on a design by Kristi Porter on her website/blog.
10/02 Shell Brimmed hat and scarf set.  My own designs, made with Lion Brand WoolEase yarn, called White Frost, with the fluffy, shimmery white filament.  Very soft and cozy. 
10/02 Better view of the Shell Brim hat from above.
10/02 Nuvola (by Grignasco) summer shell, loosely based on pattern from Summer '02 Cast On pattern, using different yarn, and with mirrored baby cable ribs to create the triangle of ribbing up front and back.  Interesting yarn from my LYS's clearance bin, bumpy and slick at the same time, making it a bit challenging to work with.  Knit on size 6 US needles.
10/02 Close up of above, front mirrored baby cabled ribbing in decreasing triangle. 


9/02  My winning Wisconsin State Fair entries for 2002.  1st Place Blue Ribbon: Socks, which are my Popcorn Lace Rib socks (my own design, published in Cast On Accessories Issue, 2002). 

2nd Place Red Ribbon Handknit Sweater Division Mohair blend sweater, my own design, knit with thrift shop finds.  Tunic raglan style, my own design, with a Gordian cabled knot down the center, and twisted baby cable ribbing.  Gordian Knot cable is from Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (page 171).

neck.JPG (52501 bytes) 1/01  Close-up of center knot-cable, and cabled ribbing on neck of above sweater.
9/02 Baby blanket knit for Beth's new baby girl, Kate.  Yarn is Bernat's Soft Boucle, in rose and a variegated rose, pink, and green.  Very soft and cuddly, and matches her 3 big brother's blankets, done in shades of blue-see below, at end of page. 
9/02 Close up of blanket, above, showing yarn and stitch.
8/02 Fingerless mittens, modeled by Bart.  Knit and given to him on his birthday during our joint family trip to Niagara Falls and Pennsylvania.  Hopefully his hands will stay warm while he is working outside this fall, raking leaves, puttering around the yard, or reading the newspaper.  Knit with vintage wool for warmth. (My pattern is on my Free Patterns Page.)
8/02 Summer Shell, based on pattern from Knitter's, front cover of Summer '02, but knit with Sirdar's Milano microfiber nylon ribbon yarn, in a garter slip stitch for texture.  I found the yarn very difficult to work with because of the way it snagged on everything, including your skin, plus the stitches like to grow and shrink at will, with the slipperiness of the yarn.  Plus, each ball had a knot 3/4 of the way into the ball, making for lots of extra ends to have to secure in, which was not an easy task with yarn this slick.  Oh well, that's what I get for falling in love with yarn in the clearance bin.  When will I ever learn?  But it is a nice soft summer shell to wear, even if I do feel like I'm wearing a sponge!

Yes, here it is!  My Famous Knit Net!...

5/02 Baseball Pitching/Batting net, knit with macramé-like craft cord (144 yards worth), and the giant homemade size 50 circular needles, pictured below.  Casted on 30 sts, and knit 40 rows in garter stitch.  Then stretched it out tightly on the empty section of the swingset (where the glider had rusted and fallen apart), securing it with plastic "cinch" ties, and a metal bar across the bottom to pull it straight along the open bottom edge.  The center "strike zone" markings where added with some scrap super bulky red yarn, to finish it off.  My sons can practice their pitching and batting now without all the balls ending up in the neighbors' yards, and it cost only $1 for the cord purchased at my favorite thrift shop.  Now the useless section of the swingset has a new and very useful life!  (I love a good knitting challenge, and this one was a lot of fun, mentally and physically!)
..and here is the famous Giant Circular Needle used to knit the net!

5/02 My homemade giant size 50, 7 foot long circular needle!  I used two size 50 broomstick lace needles (purchased at a thrift shop) and a section of old garden hose to make these ultra sized needles.  I just had to pry off the ends of the needles and insert the hose, then I used packaging tape to hold them together, making the "join" as smooth as possible. Used to knit the baseball net, pictured above.  Propped up against my 21 gallons tubs containing half of my yarn stash (other half is across the aisle, stacked in the same manner).
5/02 Baseball in a knit net, on a string! For my sons to practice their hitting without the balls ending up in the neighbors' yards.  (Made as a temporary solution to this problem, until I made the baseball net on the swingset, above.)  Knit in garter stitch with size 35 needles, with thin nylon rope.  Attached to either one of the trees in our yard, or the basketball hoop pole.  You simply start it swinging in a circle and try to hit it as it comes at you.  Or the other option is to leave the string longer and simply pitch the ball to the batter, and when he hits it, the ball can only fly as far as the string it's attached to.   
3/02 My mom modeling scarf that I made for her with a Cashmere/Merino blend baby weight yarn from Newton's Yarns, purchased at the 2002 TKGA convention market. 
3/02 Close up of scarf above, showing the Vertical Lace stitch better.  Found in Barbara Walker's Treasurery #2, page 219.  2X2 ribbing with yarn round increases, that are dropped and unraveled every 6 rows to produce the vertical lace in the knit columns. 
3/02 Wishbone sweater from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.  Knit with Lion Brand WoolEase Chunky (Boysenberry color), size 11 needles, at 2 1/2 sts = 1".  Very interesting design to knit,  and comfy to wear, too.  I modified it with garter stitch borders on the bottom and sleeves, and a reverse stockinette stitch roll neck.  I also made the sleeves a bit wider, since I like extra ease in the upper arms and bust area. 
3/02 Precious Pal Pooch knit for donation at TKGA's National Convention in Rosemont, IL.  Her dress is made with oddballs of wool blend boucle', knit off the top of my head to fit her rather ample shape, with lots of skirt increases!  Worked in one piece, from the top down. 
3/02 Precious Pal dress from above, shown flat to see the drastic increasing in the skirt. Purl eyelets were inserted at the waistline and also the edges of the sleeves and skirt, plus a picot cast-off was used on all edges for a little extra "lady-like" touch. 
3/02 Little Shell Lace baby bonnets, my own design, (free pattern found here!).  Two versions shown here.  Left one is done by twisting the yarn over increases.  Right is done by knitting the yarn overs normal (open), for a lacier fabric.   Lion Brand WoolEase yarn. 
3/02 Baby Blanket knit with Bernat Soft Boucle', knit on the diagonal, like a giant diamond washcloth.  Knit for a donation for my guild's charity efforts for Andrea, a Senior Girl Scout working on her Gold Award.
3/02 Vest knit with Lang Autunno wool blend boucle'.  Knit in the round up to armholes, then back and forth for front and back.  Adapted from a pattern made with Sweater Wizard software. 
3/02 Close up of above vest to show the fun texture and colors of the yarn better. 
12/01 Red Scarf, knit with Lionbrand Terryspun yarn, color cinnamon.  Size 15 needles, knit lengthwise with 112 sts, for 18 rows (9 garter ridges) before casting off.  Measures 6 feet long by 6" wide.  Quick knitting with gauge of 1 1/2 sts = 1".
12/01 Knit Mesh Ornaments, handknit, using metalic Knit-Cro-Sheen.  Done in garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and reverse stockinette stitch.  Size 9 needles, with 24 stitches, for 30 rows. 
12/01 Machine Knit Mesh Ornament Barbie Knit Hits machine knit.  Omega Nylon, pink with metallic thread, covering unbreakable cream colored ornament.  Reverse stockinette stitch. (Pattern is on my Free Patterns page.)
12/01 Knit Mesh Ornament, handknit, garter stitch.  Omega Nylon, size 9 needles, with 24 stitches knit for 30 rows.  (Pattern is on my Free Patterns page.)
12/01 Fingerless Mittens/Wrist Warmers knit with Patons Muskoka, using a twin ribbing, and my own pattern off the top of my head.  (Pattern is on my Free Patterns page.) Knit to keep my wrists warm while knitting and working on the computer, since my 149 year old house can get mighty chilly!
12/01  Fingerless Mittens/Wrist Warmers again, this time knit with vintage (?) Bernat Sesame 4 superwash wool.  Knit as gift for neighbor's pre-teen daughter's Christmas gift. 
10/01  Hat for my 9 year old son Evan.  He has now added his own finishing touch to it by knitting icords with scraps of yarn, and adding them as tassels.  (Picture here: Evan's Fiber Fun) Knit with Paton's Look At Me sport weight, size 4 (US) needles.  Garter cuff band knit first for cuff, then stitches picked up for top of head.  Based on a pattern by Debbie Young (with my own revisions) found here: Garter Cuff Cap
4/01  Teen's "Headkerchief", knit with Sugar and Cream worsted cotton, on size 6 US needles.  Knit from the bottom point upwards, increasing 1 stitch each edge on the right side rows, with a simple lace panel in the center.  Single chain crochet for the ties.  Measures approx. 16" wide X10" long.  Knit for my neighbor's 12 year old daughter's birthday.  
4/01  Close-Up of "Headkerchief" above. 
4/01  No-Sew Beanie Baby sleeping bag with attached pillow that I knit for a raffle basket for my son Evan's class.  Knit with Bernat Camouflage worsted weight yarn, and size 9 (US) needles.  Instructions for knitting can be found here on my free patterns pages.
4/01 Another view of the Beanie Baby sleeping bag, without Fleece the sheep in it. 
4/01  Heart Placemats and coasters.  Set actually includes 2 placemats, 2 coasters, plus one trivet/hotpad (not shown).  Patterns by EZ (found in her Knitting Workshop book), knit with Sugar and Cream cotton yarns.  Placemats made with worsted, used doubled, knit on size 11 US needles, using the large heart pattern, and hotpad knit with size 9 US needles.  Coasters knit with sport weight cotton, on size 3 needles, using the small heart pattern. 
redwiggler.JPG (35671 bytes) 3/01  3 foot long Red Wiggler!  Knit for the Naomi Dagen Bloom worm exhibit "This Dirt Museum" to be on display in New York's Queens Botanical Garden, Fall 2001.  This exhibit is to promote kitchen composting using red wiggler worms, especially in urban areas.  Naomi is putting knit worms from all over the country on display, and I wanted to contribute one!  Knit with Lion Brand Woolease Thick and Quick, in bright red, on size 10 (US) dp needles.  
T&Qhat.JPG (57346 bytes) 12/00  Lion Brand Thick and Quick Chenille hat, knit as Christmas gifts in various colors.  Designed as I knit, no specific pattern.
dogs2a.JPG (31750 bytes) 12/00 Sweaters and socks knit for the two stuffed doggies for gifts for friend's twins, Ben and Jack.  Knit with Patons Canadiana.
chinchilla1.JPG (65500 bytes) 11/00 One of two hats I knit with Berroco's Chinchilla yarn, as chemo hats for a neighbor.  Ultimate in softness!
cottonfleece1.JPG (33218 bytes) 9/00  Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep, lacey top.  Pattern from Knitting Digest magazine, with my own adapting on the neck and sleeve edges, I used a picot knit cast-off, instead of a crochet edging.  
tp1.JPG (36162 bytes) 5/00  Toilet paper cover, knit for my mother's bathroom, since she requested one!  Own design, knit with rev. stockinette welts, and twisted Icord handle.
cadburychick.JPG (48252 bytes) 3/00  Cadbury Easter Egg chick.  Pattern by Judy Schroeder of the Knitlist, and it can be found on the About.com knitting pages.
preemiehats.JPG (38703 bytes) 3/00  Two of a batch of Premie hats, donated to local hospital.  One on left has a swirl stitch pattern, one on right knit with eyelet cable rib. 
cottoncable1.JPG (28128 bytes) 2/00  Cotton Cable sweater, knit with Cotton Candy yarn, cotton/lycra blend with slubs.  My own design.
cottoncable3.JPG (58598 bytes) Close-up view of baby cable ribbing, and woven cable body, from above sweater.
surpboth.jpg (73000 bytes) 12/99  Baby Surprise Sweaters, EZ's design, knit in  Patons Canadiana.  Two striped versions knit for my friend's twins, Ben's and Jack's Christmas gifts. 


If you are here looking for my notes to knit Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket, I have now removed them from my site because Meg Swansen (EZ's daughter) has now published a new expanded version of the pattern, with full explanations and line-by-line instructions, therefore there is no more need for my notes.  To obtain this new pattern version to help you knit the BSJ, please order directly from Schoolhouse Press.  Call 1-800-YOU-KNIT, or order online here from Schoolhouse Press:

A-B-C-SJ (Adult, Baby, Child's Surprise Jacket)


surptwin.jpg (79428 bytes) 12/99  Ben and Jack modeling their new Baby Surprise Sweaters (above) on Christmas.  
ponchos.jpg (38975 bytes) 10/99  Baby Ponchos, Lion Brand Yarns pattern, made with their Terryspun yarn.  I redesigned the hoods to a turned-heel style, since I don't like pointy hoods.  My revision instructions are on my Free Patterns Page!  Also, be warned that I needed more than one skein each, which is what the pattern said was needed for the 6 month size.  I used about 1 1/3 skeins on each poncho. 
hallowhats.jpg (44876 bytes) 10/99  Baby hats knit for Beth's twins for their Halloween costumes.  One is a cork hat, for the bottle of wine costume, the other is a cheese wedge hat for the cheese costume, to go with the wine!  (Ben was the "whiner", and Jack was the "Colby Jack" cheese to go with the wine!)
9/99 Doll's nightgown/dress for American Girl doll, for my niece's birthday gift.  Knit with Jiffy yarn by Lion Brand, my own design.  Stitch used was Little Shell Stitch, (the same as on the wallpaper on my pages), with a scalloped garter hem after the cast-on.  The pattern is now posted here on my Free Patterns page!
bigblubb.jpg (142343 bytes) 5/99 Bernat Soft Boucle', knit in opposite stripes of blues, using the Welting Fantastic stitch from Barbara Walker's Treasury #1, page 143.  Newborn gifts for Ben and Jack.

 Yes, since I've been knitting since I was a child, I've completed many many other knitting projects before 1999 as well, but their pictures are still waiting to be scanned, or the items never had pictures taken at all. Maybe I'll dig up some old photos of my earlier work and get them posted, someday....


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