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Frills on the Side Scarf

By Dawn Adcock

Pattern also available as a PDF file to print here: Dawn's Dream Designs Free Patterns

A simple but fun to knit and wear beginner scarf.  This project gives the new knitter a lot of practice with knit stitches, and repeatedly binding off and casting back on to create the fringes.  Also fun for experienced knitters to create a warm and unique scarf that is funky and frilly, but not too much.

Yarn: Worsted Weight smooth yarn (preferably wool or wool/acrylic blend), approx 300 yards (more for a longer than 5 foot scarf)Sample knit with 2 skeins of Lion Brand Wool Prints yarn, finished measurements 6" wide by 64" long, approx.
Needles: Size 8 (US), or size needed to obtain gauge
Yarn needle, for weaving in ends

Size: 6” wide, 5-6 feet long, as desired

Gauge: 16 sts = 4 “ in garter stitch fabric (knit all rows) . Gauge not critical for scarf, proper gauge for good denseness and drape of fabric is more important. Best when not knit too tightly so fabric has softness.

K=Knit, CO=Cast On, BO=Bind Off, sts=stitches, RH=Right Hand

Cast On 24 sts, using cable or knitted cast on.
Begin scarf body:
Rows 1-4: Knit (making 2 garter “ridges”)
Row 5: BO 8 sts, then knit to end of row (16 sts total) (HINT: Row 5 Reality Check! 15 sts will be left to knit after the 8th st is bound off, since you then have 1 st sitting on the RH needle and 15 more to knit!)
Row 6: Knit across row to end (16 sts).
Turn to work beginning of next row, and CO 8 sts (cable or knitted cast on)
(24 sts total again)

Repeat Rows 1-6 for desired length of scarf, normally 60”-72” (5-6 feet) long. Bind off all stitches after completing a Row 4 (after completing 2 garter ridges) to finish last “finger fringe”.   Weave in ends to finish.

If you wish to make a scarf with fringes on each side, cast on an extra 8 sts (32 total), and work fringes on each side by binding off 8 sts at the beginning of Row 5 and 6, and casting on 8 sts at the beginning of each of the next two rows, then working the 4 knit rows on the 32 sts.

Also, experiment with different sizes of fringes with more or less stitches bound off and cast back on, and adjust the thickness of the fringes with more or less rows worked in each section. You can also have fun working different sizes of fringes by randomly binding off and casting back on different amounts of stitches along the length of the scarf for a more “funky” and fun look! Just always cast back on the same amount bound off to keep the edges of each fringe straight.

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