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Simple Knitted Patriotic Ribbon

I began making these for my guild members to wear at our first Knit Out, on September 23, 2001, and just wanted to share the simple pattern with any other knitters who wanted a quick and easy way to show their support for our nation.


Sport weight yarn, size 6 needles (use whatever type of yarn you want)

Finished size after folding and sewing:  about 3 to 3 1/2" long

Blue: Cast On (long tail cast on) 30 stitches (LOOSELY), then knit 2 rows (1 garter ridge)
White:  Knit 4 rows (2 garter ridges)
Red:  Knit 3 rows, Bind off, LOOSELY (1 1/2 garter ridges before binding off)

This way all the tails are at the same edge, and the stripes look in proportion to each other.
Now, loop the strip  in the way in the photo, and sew (with the white yarn tails) a pin back on the back, being careful to only sew into the front white strip.   Or, just tack the front and back "legs" together and use a safety pin to attach it to your clothes. 

Some hints when making them:

I designed them with all the loose ends to be on the same edge, so after you are done knitting, it's easiest to tie the two ends of each color together to themselves in a knot, and then weave in the two ends together, up the center of that color stripe for about an inch, then cut the ends to the back (the side with the "mixed bumps colors" on the garter row), except that you want to leave the white tails a bit longer, to run up to the middle (now the top after "looping" the strip) to use to sew the pin back on in the middle, tacking the front leg of the ribbon to the back at the same time to hold the two "legs" together. 

If you aren't using sewn on pin backs, be sure to tack the front and back legs of the ribbon together with the white yarn in the middle, so it'll be easier to pin on with a safety pin.

2001 by Dawn Adcock. You may copy and share this pattern for personal, non-commercial use, as long as this copyright notice remains intact. Please do not post to the internet, include on a website, or republish without prior permission.  E-mail: dawn@3gcs.com


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