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Wavy Lacy Ribbing Instructions


Here are the instructions to the ribbing I did on these socks, plus quite a few other pairs, as well.  I can't take credit for it, since I either read it on a knitting list (possibly the big KnitList) or did a variation on one I read.  I really don't remember the exact origins. I think the original had the decreases as both being K2tog, but I changed one round to an SSK to make the slanting of the Knit columns flow nicer.

Here's how I do it.  These instructions are for knitting in the round.
(Multiples of 4, worked in the round):

After doing a basic 2X2 ribbing to start the cuff, begin the Wavy Lacy ribbing as follows:

R1: *K2tog, yo, p2* rep between ** around
R2: * K2, p2* rep between ** around
R3: *K2, p2*  rep between ** around
R4: *YO, SSK, p2* rep between ** around
R5: *K2, p2* rep between ** around
R6: *K2, p2* rep between ** around

You are simply doing an eyelet round every third round, on altering the sides of the Knit columns.  Very easy to do, and to see what you're doing without really keeping tract of rows, etc.  Easy to eyeball as you go, so it's easy to do without paying much attention to it.